LED Video Walls

Discover Cutting-Edge LED Video Wall Solutions Designed for Captivating Displays in Various Settings. Whether you need impactful visuals for events, advertising, or corporate spaces, Tinnox offers perfect LED video wall solutions.


VistaBlaze Outdoor LED Video Wall. When the great outdoors is your canvas, choose the VistaBlaze LED Video Wall. With its exceptional brightness, durable aluminum design, and weather-resistant construction, it’s the ultimate choice for outdoor projects and billboards.

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Product Applications

Hanging LED signage displays


Large LED displays are great for sharing informative content to customers or employees from a distance, grabbing more eyes through crowd exposure.

Artistic arch Digital signage retail entrance


LED digital signage can turn any blank space into an engaging display or colorful light show under the direction of our creative team.

Indoor retail signage displays


Unlike static signage, these animated and bright LED displays are much better at grabing peoples attention and keeping them looking.

Our Clients

Are you looking for an attention-grabbing solution for your next event? Something that will make a statement and wow your audience?

Our LED video walls for sale are high-impact displays that can be used both indoors and outdoors, making them versatile enough to handle any event you have planned. Our LED panels will revolutionise the way you plan events.

Get our state-of-the-art LED panels

Tired of renting out old, heavy equipment that is a pain to set up and take down? Our sleek, lightweight panels are easy to use and can be quickly customised to fit your event’s needs. Their modular design means you can create any configuration you can imagine. Whether a social function, corporate event or concert, our LED panels will give you the perfect light show every time. With LED panels from Tinnox, the possibilities are endless. You can create custom sizes and layouts to fit your needs perfectly. Our LED lights are more energy-efficient than traditional options so that you can save money in the long run.

With the incredible image quality of our LED video walls, they’ll ensure you’re seen even in full daylight. They are so versatile that you can use them repeatedly for any message you want to share. With our LED displays, you can deliver digital content in a clear and eye-catching way. If you wish to advertise your product or service or share information, LED displays are a powerful tool.

Offering the best quality LED video walls

You might be losing out on potential customers and valuable leads because your business doesn’t have an eye-catching display. If you want to make a powerful first impression that will grab attention and boost sales, Tinnox can help. We offer the highest quality LED screen and video walls for sale

Hiring video walls may be the perfect solution for you! Video walls are versatile and can be used for many different purposes, making them an excellent investment for anyone looking to take their event or presentation to the next level. You’ve worked hard to create a memorable experience for your guests, but the execution falls flat. The key is in the details, where we come in. Our LED design solutions will transform your event space and give your guests something to discuss.

Make it a memorable event

We specialise in creating unique solutions to wow your guests and make your event unforgettable. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or private party, we have the perfect solution. If you’re looking for a way to connect with more people and deliver digital content, then LED displays may be right for you. Their large size and vivid colours attract attention and convey your message quickly and effectively. With compelling video walls with vibrant colours, high-resolution displays, and captivating content, you can deliver your message in a way that will resonate with your audience. If you’re considering hiring an LED wall for your next big event, you may be wondering about the potential cost. LED video walls price can range from AU$70 to AU$140 per panel per day to hire. But don’t let the cost deter you! LED walls are a powerful way to make a statement and create a lasting impression.