LED Digital Signage vs Light Box Signs: The Pros and Cons

Which digital signage is better?

In Australia, more and more businesses are using digital signs to show information or advertise. Two of the most popular forms of signage displays are: Digital LED signs and light box signs. Here we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of both these types of digital displays, so that you can get a better idea of what may be better for your business.


  • Show animated attention-grabbing content such as videos or slide shows
  • Brighter during the day and can be dimmed down during the night
  • Content can be easily updated and changed quickly through the internet using a CMS
  • Advertising campaigns can be set to change at certain times of the day, week etc


  • More expensive to buy and maintain
  • LED Displays use more energy than Light Box Displays
  • Display equipment and software may require special training to use
Large Video Wall display inside Edith Cowen University Perth
light box signage

Light Box Sign Advantages

  • Light box signage uses less energy compared to LED displays.
  • Cheaper to purchase and install than LED displays
  • Light boxes generally require less maintenance compared to LED displays
  • Light box signs are usually smaller in size, making them a good option for locations with limited space or for use in specific areas.


  • Can only show one static image
  • More difficult, time consuming and expensive to update the content
  • Not good for changing advertising campaigns

Animated Light Box Signage?

Tinnox offers new animated Light Box Signs which can be a great middle ground, animated content on displays is much more eye-catching and will get more looks from people passing by. Animated light box signs achieve this by animating the light behind a static image, creating text or graphics that light up and animate.

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In conclusion, both LED signage and light box signs have advantages and disadvantages. It depends on what you need and what you can afford. It is generally better to go for the more expensive LED Digital Signage as it is more versatile, eye-catching, and it gives you the option of easily changing advertising campaigns.

How much does LED digital signage cost

Now you must be wondering how much does LED digital signage cost? This is a difficult question to answer, it entirely depends on the environment where the digital screen is installed and the distance it is meant to be viewed from. To calculate how much more expensive the LED display would be over a light box display, you would to consider the three factors below.

1. Required Resolution - Distance from Viewer

LED Displays are made up of individual LED’s that range in difference sizes, the size required is often referred to as “Pixel Pitch” (distance between the LED’s). The size of the LED’s required depends on the distance from the viewer. Smaller sizes of a higher pixel pitch offer a higher resolution and are much clearer, however increase the price of the display.

2. Required Brightness - Sunlight & Windows

Outdoor LED displays in direct sunlight require brighter LED’s which increases costs. Another thing to consider is Indoor LED displays installed behind windows as there will be reflection, if the light coming in from the outdoor environment exceeds the light produced by the LED screen, there will be reflection on the window that may make it difficult for viewers to see the LED display.

3. Environmental protection – Outdoor or Indoor

Outdoor LED displays require a higher IP rating (Ingress Protection). This measures how resistant the display is from dust and water; a higher IP rating can also increase the cost of the LED display.

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