Sydney Transmission Festival

These Rental Series LED cabinets were supplied for an Audio/Visual company which specialises in renting their equipment to festivals and other special events all over Australia.

The images are from the Sydney Transmission Festival 2019-2020, these displays have also been used at other festivals such as Festival X in Australia.

These displays are constantly on the move, so required custom designed rental cabinets to achieve the greatest balance in weight and installation time. Reducing the weight, setup and disassembly time means significantly reduced man hours and money saved!

Pitch black LED panels means high contrast ratio, internal gold wires offers highest durability, magnesium alloy fabricated to cope with all types of harsh weather environments, including sea corrosion.

More than four global certifications and including Australian local certification RCM (formerly known as C-tick).

Sydney Transmission Festival Stage with LED Signage

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