Strand Bags is a high-value retail chain with more than 50 stores across Australia and New Zealand. Our team has been installing displays for Strand Bags since early 2019, we have installed more than 50 displays for Strand Bags across all major cities in Australia and New Zealand.

We’ve worked with Strand Bags to create custom-made displays that push that wow factor, that showcase their products with in-store advertising, improving the overall shopping experience and interior environment. These impressive displays attract people to the store and keep them browsing for longer!

We have provided top quality commercial LED displays and delivered on-time every time, all while adhering to strict time constraints, which is why they keep coming back to us!

  • More than 50 displays and 150sqm
  • pixel pitch ranging from P2.5, P2.6, P2.84, P3, P4 and P6 to fulfil different purposes.
  • Providing ongoing support since 2019.
Large LED Signage at Strand Bags Sydney inside a shopping mall

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