Edith Cowan University (ECU)

Edith Cowen University seeking to improve communication with students and bring a modern 21st-century look and feel to the campus. The result was five displays, three indoor and two outdoor. Three Standard flat displays, one L-shaped outdoors wraps around the wall and one curved display indoors.

These LED screens have helped create an impactful experience for students, staff, and visitors alike. We provided ECU with our signage software solution (SAAS), which allows for screen splitting into regions, dayparting, weather widgets, and many other features, which makes it a perfect signage software solution for a university.

  • Two Indoor P2.5mm displays: 3680mm(W)*1760mm(H)
  • One curved indoor P2.6mm display: 4000mm(W)*2000mm(H)
  • One outdoor display + weather proof casing P2mm 2880mm(W)*1620mm(H)
  • One outdoor L-Shaped display P3.91mm 5000mm(W)*1500mm(H)
Large Video Wall display inside Edith Cowen University Perth

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