Real Estate Digital Signage

LED digital signage displays at Brady residential Melbourne

Boost sales with real estate digital signage

Are you searching for interactive real estate digital signage? We atTinnox can help. If you’re a part of a real estate agency, you need quality signage and displays that help you put the best foot forward and interact with your audience.

Whether your objective is to display the latest real estate information or want to highlight the new features of your property, LED real estate signscan help you do it all. Our customised LED signs are designed to help clients present different types of information in text, audio and visual formats to their audience.

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Why choose our LED real estate window displays?

With real estate digital signage, it is possible to get betterROI and ensure smooth and seamless business operations. You can engage with your potential buyers and sellers and increase your overall footfall and sales numbers.

The role of a real estate digital window display is to instantly grab the attention of your audience, and that’s exactly what our displays do. Tinnox offers a variety of easy-to-customise display solutions that are easy to install, maintain and use. You can edit, add, remove or update the content according to your requirements at any time.

Want to build brand credibility for your business? Our LED real estate window displays can help. Speak with us today and let us know how we can assist you.

Curved LED display
Indoor digital signage in Real Estate Office

Illuminated real estate signs for promotions

If you’re searching for a quick and effective way to grab the attention of your potential buyers, look no further than our customisedilluminated real estate signs. Our signs can be installed outdoors as they can withstand extreme weather and temperature conditions. From marketing your property to displaying crucial information, everything is possible with digital signage.

You can earn the confidence of your clients and list out your property easily. When you choose digital signage to advertise your available properties, you’re getting a competitive edge and offering something unique to your clients.

Product Applications

Hanging LED signage displays


Large LED displays are great for sharing informative content to customers or employees from a distance, grabbing more eyes through crowd exposure.

Artistic arch Digital signage retail entrance


LED digital signage can turn any blank space into an engaging display or colorful light show under the direction of our creative team.

Indoor retail signage displays


Unlike static signage, these animated and bright LED displays are much better at grabing peoples attention and keeping them looking.

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