LED Digital Signage

LED digital signage displays at Brady residential Melbourne

Bespoke commercial LED display screen solutions

LED digital signage provides an efficient way to promote your brand and business regardless of the type of products and services you offer to your customers. From boosting your sales to raising brand awareness, there are plenty of things you can do with the aid of commercial LED display screens.

If you’re planning to implement result-oriented marketing strategies, we at Tinnox can help. We specialise in providing comprehensible marketing solutions by designing LED signage for your business in Australia.

If you have any specific LED display screen requirements, our team will be happy to assist. Our wall-mounted and floor-standing LED screens are lightweight, portable and easy to install.


3 Year Waranty

Ultra Bright

wide viewing Angle

Long Life

Lightweight Design

Life time support

HCF indoor LED signage

Indoor LED signage display for business

Digital indoor LED signage can be used as a marketing tool, allowing you to promote and expand your business. You can communicate your key marketing message to your audience and inform them about the latest developments in your company or highlight your brand’s USP or promote a new sales and discount offer.

At Tinnox, we understand that every business is unique, and you need captivating indoor LED signs that drive business growth and help your brand stand out from the crowd.

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Product Applications

Hanging LED signage displays


Large LED displays are great for sharing informative content to customers or employees from a distance, grabbing more eyes through crowd exposure.

Artistic arch Digital signage retail entrance


LED digital signage can turn any blank space into an engaging display or colorful light show under the direction of our creative team.

Indoor retail signage displays


Unlike static signage, these animated and bright LED displays are much better at grabing peoples attention and keeping them looking.

Outdoor LED Signage Displays​

Do you need an outdoor LED display? When it comes to choosing digital signage for your business, you can explore various options like outdoor LED signage. With the right use of signage, you can get your message across to your target audience and captivate their interest. Kickstarting a new marketing campaign was never as easy as it is when you choose digital signage solutions provided by Tinnox. With a team of specialist designers, we make sure your creative ideas translate into the high-end visual solutions we provide.
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Display quality

An obvious advantage is having a seamless display, that has not been split up into sections, which is often noticeable with the current LCD video-walls on the market.

One of the biggest advantages that LED displays have over LCD displays is their quality. LED displays have better colour reproduction and clarity than LCD displays, and they also produce better contrast ratios and brightness levels. These differences are especially noticeable when viewing content with high-contrast or dark backgrounds, where LCD displays can appear washed out and dull by comparison.

LED displays also have a much wider viewing angle, which makes it more effective, noticeable and readable for people perceiving it from an angle


Another advantage that LED displays have over LCD videowalls is their durability. The lifespan of an LCD screen is much shorter than that of an LED screen, so if you need your display to last for years without needing replacement parts or repair work, then an LED display will be a better choice for you than an LCD videowall.

Power Usage/ Consumption

And finally, there is one more significant advantage that LED displays have over LCD videowalls: power consumption. An LCD screen requires more electricity than an LED screen does, so if you want to save money on your electric bill while still getting great video quality from your display system then choose an LED.

Product Warranty

Our product warranty provides a standard and extended coverage for TINNOX products. The standard warranty includes a two-year product warranty and a one-year on-site service warranty.  Customers can opt for an extended warranty at an additional cost.

To initiate a warranty claim, customers should contact customer service. The warranty applies to purchases made directly from TINNOX. Please click this link for the full Product Warranty


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