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Large LED video wall display inside university

Digital signage for education

Are you searching for digital signage for education?Tinnox has exactly what you are looking for. If you want your content to be noticed and want to help your students absorb information better, our digital signs for schoolsoffer the perfect solution.

We specialise in providing useful, practical and timely digital signage solutions using which you communicate with your students and keep their education facility up to date with the latest updates and events. Our engaging LED signs for schoolsare designed to help you create a more engaging and interactive learning environment.

Looking at the content with visuals helps students absorb and notice information. You can use it to circulate information and provide your staff and students with an easy-to-access knowledge database. 

What are the benefits of using digital display screens for schools?

Want to engage with your community more efficiently? Why not make use of interactive digital signage for education? When you integrate visually effective teaching methods with traditional methods, you can make learning and imparting information much easier.

Build a dynamic learning experience by using the latest technological advancements. We at Tinnox offer customised digital signage solutions designed to create and deliver content in the education sector.

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Large Video Wall display inside Edith Cowen University Perth

Electronic signs for schools

Display important school-related information to your students with our high-end electronic signs for schools. They are a great investment equipped with offer remote management capability. The low-maintenance signs can be placed anywhere easily and are highly durable.

Our electronic signs allow users to create, manage and update content. Place them in certain areas strategically to get maximum visibility. High-traffic areas such as school lobbies and corridors can hold the attention of your students and staff.

Product Applications

Hanging LED signage displays


Large LED displays are great for sharing informative content to customers or employees from a distance, grabbing more eyes through crowd exposure.

Artistic arch Digital signage retail entrance


LED digital signage can turn any blank space into an engaging display or colorful light show under the direction of our creative team.

Indoor retail signage displays


Unlike static signage, these animated and bright LED displays are much better at grabing peoples attention and keeping them looking.

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